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Ryan's Fancy: Songs From The Shows
An Overview

Lyle Drake

This collection came about rather by chance, when about two and a half years ago, while scouring the CBC Radio archives in St. John's, I came upon a tape that was catalogued as having three Ryan's Fancy tracks on it. Being curious, I requested the tape and upon listening to it discovered that there were, in fact, quite a number of tracks of good quality material on the tape that I felt were worthy of reproduction. These recordings were from 'field tapes', which were used in the production of their acclaimed CBC Television shows that were broadcast nationally during the 1970s. The music for the shows was recorded at CBC Studios in St. John's and at the Audio Atlantic Studio in Halifax.

A copy of the tape was secured and then I contacted Fergus O'Byrne via e-mail asking him to meet with me, as I believed I had a CD project that we could work on together. When he came to my office for the meeting I handed him a CD copy of the tape. I recall that for a few seconds, and it seemed like minutes, he did not or could not speak. When he finally spoke he asked me where I got the material and then we listened to the music.

From that point on Dermot O'Reilly and Fergus O'Byrne set out to augment this initial "find" with material from other archival resources. The many hours of research and review have now culminated into an exciting package titled Ryan's Fancy: Songs From The Shows. Of the fifteen re-mastered tracks, thirteen songs have never previously been available on a Ryan's Fancy album.

Working on this project has been a labour of love for me. I remember early in my career (1973) in the music business distributing the Ryan's Fancy catalogue. At that time I had the privilege of meeting Ryan's Fancy on a regular basis when they came into my warehouse to pick up product and check on the sales of their LP's and Cassettes. It is a pleasure, once again, to be associated with this great group and these outstanding individuals.

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