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Larry Foley

After almost twenty years of writing, recording, producing music and fronting such bands as The Punters and The 8 Track Favourites Larry Foley has emerged to put his stamp on a body of work which is quickly establishing him as a solo performer.

His new, self -produced recording is a reflection of his roots, his love of a good song and his long-standing, creative relationship with such musicians as Sandy Morris (WGB) and Chris Ledrew (Bros. in Stereo). It also showcases his unique sound with fiddler Patrick Moran, with whom Larry has performed and recorded with almost exclusively, for over 15 years.

Influences heard on this recording range from Merle Haggard, Gram Parsons, Townes VanZandt and Buck Owens to the folkier and closer-to home-sounds of Ron Hynes, Chris Hennessy and Gordon Lightfoot.

Larry�s songwriting is featured on six of the songs on the CD. �Buck Owen�s Song� is a salute to the legend and incorporates the Telecaster sound that was a trademark of a Buck Owen�s Song. "Natural Beauty" is a reflection of sunny California and Larry's many trips to the Golden State. "Clearer the Bottle" is a tale of sin and redemption, inspired by Johnny Cash and Jack Daniels. "Memphis" is an ode to the music and the legends of Sun Records and the days of Sam Philips. While, "Old Smile" walks through the universal theme of the passage of time and "Singing on the Wind" is a quintessential ballad of love and loss, written in the celtic tradition, but with a western sound.

Visit Larry's website: www.larryfoley.ca

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